To Dr. Edna Angelica Calo Livne and Mr. Yehuda Calo Livne:


The International Cartago Academy is honored to announce that the Academic Senate, after a penetrating study of your professional work, “Educating for Peace through the Arts”, the establishment, development and management of the foundation “Beresheet LaShalom”, which operates in northern Israel beside the border with Lebanon, initiating multi-cultural educational projects among teen-agers and young people from differing communities and of different religions, has decided to grant you


The Cartago Academic Prize for 2006

For Special Activity for the Good of Society


The prize will be awarded in the course of a gala evening to be held at the Ancient Palace, in the town of Trani (near Bari, in southern Italy) on the 26th of August at 9:00 p.m.


The Cartago Academy Prize represents special recognition of those who have contributed in an extraordinary way to social and cultural development in Italy and abroad; recognition and distinction for developing and carrying out plans for social and educational advancement among different peoples and cultures, research and development in various fields for the good of society, for developing social justice, equality among human beings, human freedom and peace and brotherhood between peoples.


We congratulate you warmly with all our heart on your being chose as the recipents of this prestigious award.


President of the Cartago Academy

Mariano Federico CUDIA LOMBARDO

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